Writers! We accept song submissions on a rolling basis, with the following concert-specific deadlines:

  • For our fall concert, please submit no more than 2 songs by Sunday, August 25, 2019!

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2. Consider This…

  • Concert programs are ~80% uptempo & mid-tempo songs, 20% ballads
  • We set up each concert song with brief context, but seek material that stands alone
  • We welcome duets and trios, but staging is minimal
  • “New” = written in the last 2 years, but we will consider work since 2014 if it would be new to an LA audience

Please do not resubmit songs from past submissions, unless sharing a substantially higher-quality demo or sizable revision we ought to consider. Also, lyric sheets are passable for submission if no sheet music is yet available; but we must have scored music for use in rehearsals and the concert. Finally, if your ideal accompaniment in performance includes our band musicians, please provide dedicated band charts.

We do respond to all submissions and will offer a definitive answer generally 2-4 weeks in advance of the next concert. Other questions? Email us.

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