Performers! If you have interest in joining a future concert, please share your professional materials below. 

Please Note: All performances are fully memorized. We seek a polished audience connection. We are committed to casting both Broadway and premier LA talent in our programs. We are also committed to actively expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in musical theater narratives. Above all, we seek to match the material we select with the best performer for that role.

What It’s Like To Perform With Us

We are a nonprofit and exist solely to promote new musical theatre works by bringing together a more cohesive musical theatre community in Los Angeles. All producing staff are volunteers, and we offer our performers a modest reimbursement stipend and paid parking. However, performers can also expect:

  • A polished, professional evening
  • New connections with writers, producers, and fellow performers
  • Green room refreshments, snacks, and water service
  • Band rehearsal / Sound check on day of show
  • A rehearsal with musical director, sheet music, and demo track for preparation
  • At Catalina Jazz Club: a seat in the showroom to enjoy the concert
  • Performer social media profiles shared in our program
  • Video release of the song to YouTube and Facebook
  • A great new song to add to their books!

Thank you for your interest! Other questions? Email us at
-The ALNM Team